Victoria is a State full of beauty, culture and style!

I lived and worked in Victoria for many years so I have much information that I am sure you will find helpful. I am going to share with you some of my knowledge of places to work and also tell, and show, you some of my favourite places to see.

wilsons prom

Spectacular Wilsons Promontory in Gippsland

Victoria is divided into 11 regions

Melbourne of course being the capital city of Victoria has many great features and is where I started my Nursing Career! Let me give you a glimpse of my Favourite city in Australia - click here for more information about Melbourne!

Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges - click here for more information about this region

Mornington Peninsula - click here for more information about this region

Daylesford and Macedon Ranges - click here for more information about this region

The Great Ocean Road - click here for more information about this region

Phillip Island - click here for more information about this region

The Grampians -click here for more information about this region

The Goldfields

The High Country


The Murray

Victoria's Regions Map

Where to Work

Finding the right location to start your Travel Nurse experience can be a difficult task. It can be especially so when you are unfamiliar with the country, the states, where health services are located in relation to beaches, cities, outback etc.

I have collected the names and web addresses of as many health services in Victoria as I possibly could (I will keep updating them) and I have included them into the Region of Victoria that is the closest fit. Just Go to the Australian Hospitals Page
Or just click on the links to each region above for a brief description of each region and the health services that align with that region. Some of them actually cover two regions so I have used my judgment as to which region it is listed under.

You can also do some research for yourself on the following website Victorian Hospitals

Some Important Information

The Beautiful Mornington Peninsula Bathing Boxes

Victoria is the second smallest State in Australia, about the size of the British Isles, but has the second largest population out of all the States of Australia. Even though it is small the climate varies greatly throughout the state, with the Northern regions being very warm and dry, whilst in the southern regions temperatures are cooler.

The seasons in Victoria are the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere with Summer being from December to March and boasting temperatures in the high 30 degrees Celsius, in the southern regions, to winter in June to September. It only snows in the higher regions of Victoria, in the snowfields of course, but very rarely in Melbourne and surrounds.

Driving in Victoria, and all of Australia is on the left with cars fitter for right hand drive. Road rules differ slightly from state to state so make sure you get familiar with these before you drive. It is the law in all states of Australia to wear seat belts in cars at all times.

From October to April Victoria has Daylight Savings, where the clocks are turned forward 1 hour to make the most of the lovely summer's evenings.

I will go through each region of Victoria and provide information on the major health services and make some suggestions of what to see. So lets get started.....

12 Apostles

The Amazing 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road

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Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria – a great place to start!

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Victoria