I Want to Nurse in Australia - What Do I Need to Know?

I have many years experience as a Nurse in Australia and my years at the Nursing and Midwifery Registration Board have given me an insight into the pitfalls nurses face when coming to a country that they are unfamiliar with especially when it comes to all the rules and regulations of the nursing profession – TAKE NOTE! People make money by taking advantage of your lack of knowledge – so be careful!

I have tried to provide information here on the really important issues in as much detail as possible and offer some handy hints and stories from my years in the industry. It would be impossible to give you all the information I have acquired over 30 years but I will do my best to guide you in the right direction.

Important Things to know

Here are links to some of the more important things you should know about to assist in a smoother process

Certificate of Good Standing or Verification - This is a step that you should do as soon as possible in your registration process.

Nurse Registration - Also known as licensure or practising certificate. All Nurses and Midwives in Australia need to have registration before they can legally work as a Nurse in Australia.

Work Visa - Don't forget if you want to Nurse in Australia you will also need a work visa to be able to work legally! Some employers will sponsor you but you are then contracted to that employer for the period of the visa, this may suit some nurses but not others. I have provided some information on the types of visas available to nurses and briefly outlined the eligibility and requirements involved in each.

English Language Requirement - Some Nurses may be asked to take an English Language Assessment before they are granted Nursing Registration in Australia

National Competency Standards - are standards that have been developed to ensure Nurses in Australia are of a high level of knowledge, skills and professionalism

Supervised Practice - Some overseas nurses will be asked to do a supervised practice course or a bridging course for overseas nurses.

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