Travel Nurse - Coming to Australia? This is MUST HAVE Information

If you are a nurse from overseas planning to be a travel nurse in beautiful Australia let my years of nursing experience in Australia ensure you get the right information. The topics covered here will include important information that will help you navigate the often confusing and complex processes involved in working as a nurse, like getting a license –or is it registration? or is it practising certificate? - even getting the terminology right!

Getting reliable, knowledgeable information can make all the difference. I have personally seen some nurses get incorrect or ill informed ‘guidance’(and sometimes from paid professionals supposed to be ‘helping’ them) that I decided it was time to give back to the profession that has given me so much and give guidance and information that will help other nurses.

Importantly I have expertise in the area of regulation and registration processes for overseas nurses coming to Australia, (see the About Me on this page), this gives you the confidence to know that my knowledge is reliable and up to date.

Here is a photo of the beautiful Great Barrier Reef I took on one of my Travel Nurse expeditions This is a photo I took of the Great Barrier Reef on one of my working holidays!

I have also worked and traveled in Australia extensively so can give first hand information on a wide range of nursing jobs and must see destinations(with some extra stories from friends who have traveled far and wide travel nursing too!)

Some information on the history of nursing in Australia is provided to help travel nurses understand the early beginnings of nursing as this has shaped and influenced the contemporary nursing profession as it is today. It is also important to understand how the health system has its foundations in the western medical model of healthcare.

I have included stories from real life nursing situations just because humor always makes things seem a little less intense, nursing humor always gets a laugh at my dinner parties! There is even a page where you can add your funny story to the website too!

There are so many beautiful places to go in Australia how do you choose where to go and where to start?

What is the perfect travel nurse destination in Australia!

I give detailed information on each state of Australia, its attractions, weather and of course work opportunities.

So read on, plan your Travel Nurse adventure in Australia and most importantly enjoy your nursing experience in Oz!

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About Me

I have been a Registered Nurse for 30 years, working in a variety of locations and roles.I undertook my Nursing Training at Prince Henry's Hospital in Melbourne. My early career was in Neurosurgery and Critical Care Nursing. I completed my Neurosciences Certificate at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne.I moved into Nurse Educaton and then into Management roles, completing my Master of Public Health - Health Services Management at Monash University. One of my previous roles was as a Policy Advisor at the Nurses Board of Victoria giving me a solid knowledge of the regulatory framework in Australia.

I hope you find this website helpful and I know you are just going to love Australia!

Travel Safe

Jodie Hughson