Tasmania –it may be small but it is jam packed with beauty rich and rare!

I absolutely love visiting Tasmania! It has the old world feel of times gone by with its rich history from Australia’s first white settlers to the surrounds of some of the most beautiful countryside imaginable - your senses will go wild!

It is Australia’s only island State, an archipelago made up of over 300 smaller islands, 250 kilometres south east off the coast of Victoria, and is about the size of the Republic of Ireland or West Virginia in the USA. Its population is 500,000.

Tasmania can be divided into 5 regions

Hobart - the capital city of Tasmania and the city and surrounds are full of interesting and exciting things to do and see.

The East coast

Launceston, Tamar and the North

North West Coast

Western Wilderness

Some Important Information

Even though it is very small, the main island being only about 300km wide, the climate varies greatly throughout the state, with the West coast regions getting an average rain fall of 3metres (that gives new meaning to rain forest!), whilst the east coast gets only 20cm! Add to that the fact that Hobart is the second driest city in Australia and you start to see the variety of climates! All in all though, the climate is mild with maritime winds, which bring some of world’s cleanest air.

Driving in Tasmania and all of Australia is on the left with cars fitted for right hand drive. Road rules differ slightly from state to state so make sure you get familiar with these before you drive. It is the law in all states of Australia to wear seat belts in cars at all times.

From October to April Victoria has Daylight Savings, where the clocks are turned forward 1 hour to make the most of the lovely summer's evenings.

I will go through each region of Tasmania and provide information on the major health services and make some suggestions of what to see. So lets get started.....