Australian Hospitals
- Where to Work

Making sure you find the right Australian Hospitals in the right location is an important part of your Travel Nurse Experience. You might come to Australia to experience the wonders of the Outback......

Outback QLD

and land in a Tropical beachside paradise instead- Oh No!

Magnetic Island

But Seriously......

Where you choose to work can make or break your Travel Nurse experience and there are literally hundreds of Hospitals in Australia to choose from.

Pick a State... Any State!

If you have an idea of which State you want to work in you then need to decide in which part of the State you want to be based. Remember Australia is a BIG country and travelling around can take a bit of time. There would be no point basing yourself in Sydney if you plan on spending a lot of time in the Outback of New South Wales it simply takes too long to get there and back!

Help is Here!

I have created a Directory of Hospitals in Australia page and broken it down by State and then by each region in that State.

This makes it so easy, you can find the State you want by using the Nav Bar to search each State and its regions to make sure this matches with your travel Nurse plans, then find a hospital in that same reigon!

Just start looking by clicking on each link below. There are also links from each regions page as well!



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