New South Wales – a State full of adventure, fun and wondrous things to see!

I lived and worked in New South Wales for a period of time and have been back to visit the State many times over the years so hopefully some of my experiences can help you see the many fantastic sights to be seen and guide you what places best suit you to work.

New South Wales is divided into 8 regions-

Sydney - the largest and oldest city in Australia, and some say one of the most exciting cities in the world. Of course the sights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House are well known tourist destinations but there is so much more!

Sydney Surrounds

North Coast

South Coast

Snowy Mountains

Heart of Country


Lord Howe Island

Some Important Information

New South Wales has the largest population out of all the States of Australia. It boasts a slightly warmer climate than Victoria with the more northern regions being quite humid in the summer months and being a large State, the climate does vary greatly throughout the state.

The seasons in here are the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere with Summer being from December to March and boasting temperatures in the high 30 degrees Celsius, to winter in June to September. It only snows in the higher regions of the state, in the snowfields of course, but very rarely in Sydney and surrounds.

Driving in New South Wales and all of Australia is on the left with cars fitted for right hand drive. Road rules differ slightly from state to state so make sure you get familiar with these before you drive. It is the law in all states of Australia to wear seat belts in cars at all times.

From October to April New South Wales has Daylight Savings, where the clocks are turned forward 1 hour to make the most of the lovely summer's evenings.

I will go through each region of New South Wales and provide information on the major health services and make some suggestions of what to see. So lets get started.....

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