What is a Certificate of Good Standing or Verification?

A Certificate of Good Standing or Verification is a document that informs AHPRA that you do not have any restrictions, cancellations or suspensions on your license or registration, in any country or jurisdiction that you are currently registered in or within any country or jurisdictions you have been registered with in the last 5 years (fulfilling their directive to protect the public).

The Nursing Registration Board in your country will know about this process, it is part of most Nurse Regulation Authorities processes in many countries around the world.

Be Organised - Get Your Certificate of Good Standing orderded early!

I strongly suggest that the very first thing you do, even before you start your Nurse Registration application, is to apply to your current regulatory authority, that is where you are currently registered, for a Certificate of Good Standing or verification.

This process can often take some time so it is helpful to get it organised early. If your Nursing Board is very efficient and get it to AHPRA quickly all the better it will be there ready for when your application form arrives!

How it gets there is important

I cannot stress enough the importance of the process for the Certificate of Good Standing or Verification to go directly from Nursing Board to Nursing Board. If it goes to you or your agent first, even if it is in a sealed envelope, it will be rejected and you will have to arrange another one, often delaying the Nurse Registration process for weeks!

This document cannot be submitted by you. It must be sent from your current Nurses Board to the registration office in Australia.

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