I Got An Interview!
What do I do Now!
Here are some interview tips

Here are my interview tips if you are serious about getting a Travel Nurse job in Australia.

An interview is a way for an employer to determine whether someone is the best person for the job. I have interviewed many times and more than half of them have been very disappointing!

Dress to Impress

Most places now will want to interview you, even if it is a phone interview.

PLEASE, if it is a face to face interview do not go in your bikinis or shorts and thongs! Even though Australia is a laid back country, it not that laid back!

You will need to dress professionally for a job interview; Nursing is a fairly well paid profession now so you need to show potential employers that you are a professional. Smart professional dress is the order of the day.

Do not turn up for an interview with piercings and tattoos on show, society is more accepting of these now but it is still not a good look for a job interview. Be a little conservative, it will probably be a baby boomer that interviews you!

Be Prepared!

The good old boy scouts, they knew what they were talking about!

And that is my next interview tip.

Make sure you do some background research on the hospital or health service you are about to work for. Getting a good feel for its Strategic Goals and its day to day values will go along way during an interview.

Read the position description thoroughly! Make sure you fully understand what the role expectations are, and prepare some examples of your own work experience that aligns with those role expectations. I interviewed for a position as my second in charge once- it was a very busy in-patient ward and as second in charge you needed to be a mentor and support for the clinical staff under you. One of the interviewees had not practiced in a clinical area for some time and claimed she did not realize she needed these skills for the job!

It was just a huge waste of time for all involved.

What are they Going to Ask Me?

As mentioned, always read the Role description thoroughly. This way you can prepare some examples of times in your career where you have displayed these qualities. For example, if the role requires you to be involved in policy and procedure development, write notes about your experience in this area, you may have written some or you may have been on committees that advised on them, anything you can associate with this area is good.

Be prepared to go into detail about certain areas. For instance if they ask about projects, you may need to have some knowledge of the project management cycle so do some reading on this before you go to the interview and write it down, you may remember it better.

Try To Relax!

Last interview tip, and possibly the hardest of all, RELAX! It is very hard for interviewers to determine if your interview was not as good as it could have been because you were so nervous.

We have all been through it, and interviewers will be sympathetic most of the time. If you go blank when asked a question just politely ask if you could come back to that question at the end. Better to ask than miss giving important information to the interview panel.

Good Luck!

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