Get The Job - Important Tips to Remember!

Australia is a popular Travel Nurse destination. To get the job you want you will have to be ahead of the pack! Most workplaces are used to Travel Nurses looking for work and are willing to take on short term contracts but this also means that you may be competing with many other Travel Nurses looking for short term positions. Even though there may be plenty of Nursing Jobs around, the competition for short term contracts in great locations can be high.

How do you get the edge? Simple-

You need to make a good impression in order to get the job!

The first impression you make happens with your application. An employer reviewing your Resume will make a decision in the first 10 seconds, so you need to catch their attention right up front. There are some sample resumes on the sample resume page of this website.

Also note whether job ads ask for a cover letter. If they do then make sure you stick to the suggested limit (1-2 pages etc) and get in as much important relevant information as possible. If they do not ask for one, consider doing one anyway as often they will read it and you have an extra opportunity to make a good impression!

Jump The Queue!

I mentioned on the Find A Job page that a strategy for finding jobs is to call the health services directly. This is where you can make a good first impression.

Simple conversations can convey a lot about you to a person. If you sound professional and organised then you convey that to the person at the other end of the telephone.

Be willing to be available whenever the employer is available, show you are flexible and make the process easy. If they say can you be here at 7 in the morning don’t say - oh no sorry I am busy - get there! Cancel whatever you had to get there!

If you do drop in for an impromptu chat, present yourself as if it is formal interview, a professional look always goes along way for lasting impressions.

Make sure you take your resume with you too, they will be sure to ask you for one and then your resume is there before anyone else’s, and they will have more time to read it and remember your skills and talents!

To Email or Not to Email?

My advice is not to Email - emails have a tendency to get lost!

In my job I get hundreds of emails a day and it is impossible to attend to them all as well as run a hospital!

If there is a dedicated email for expressions of interest in jobs then use that but remember- you may be one of thousands emailing that particular email.

A phone call or a specific job application for a specific position is more likely to get you the response you want.

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